The Ultra-Light Frontier

Organizers: Surjeet Rajendran (Stanford), Dmitry Budker (JGU Mainz)

June 15 - 19, 2015, JGU Campus Mainz

Ultra-light particles such as axions and dark photons. Such particles emerge generically in many models of ultra-violet physics such as string theory and can easily constitute the dark matter of the universe. Searches for these particles are thus well motivated. Current experimental techniques have a very limited ability to probe the parameter space of such particles. In light of our ignorance of the ultraviolet structures that create these particles, it is essential to develop new probes of their parameter space. Recently, as a result of several joint theory and experimental collaborations, a number of new ideas have been put forth to accomplish this goal.
This workshop will bring together experts from a variety of relevant fields, so that expertise developed in one field may help cross-pollinate ideas in other fields.