Call for Proposals

Scientists who are interested in organizing a Scientific Program or Topical Workshop are invited to submit a proposal

Submission and Dates

Any proposals should be submitted using our submission form. You are strongly encouraged to contact us for any questions coming along in the process of composing your proposal for 2025. Deadline for submission is 31 January 2024.

External Organizers

External organizers are expected to stay in Mainz for a significant portion of their MITP event. There should always be at least two of the organizers present. Events at MITP can be organized by groups of up to four external scientists. Kindly bear in mind that the selection committee values diversity also among the team of organizers.

Local Organizers

You may also contact colleagues from Mainz to act as additional local organizers for the event proposed.

Structure of the Proposal

A proposal for a Scientific Program or Topical Workshop should contain:

  • Scientific motivation including arguments on the timeliness of the field and the expected impact of the program / workshop (2-3 pages)
  • A list of the main scientific goals
  • Names and contact information of up to 4 external organizers
  • List of potential participants and their status of commitment
  • A designated diversity coordinator from the group of organizers
  • A diversity plan to ensure that underrepresented groups (e.g. women, young scientists, scientists from less developed countries) are not overlooked in the invitation process.
  • Preferred dates for the program / workshop

Kindly use the MITP proposal template only. For any questions regarding the organization or the scientific design of MITP activities, please contact our MITP Guest Relations Office.

Proposals for Topical Workshops can be submitted throughout the year, ideally 6 months before the event by using our Submission Form.

Evaluation Process

All proposals will be evaluated by the MITP Advisory Board consisting of leading scientists from all relevant areas. MITP specifically supports proposals fostering interactions between different communities which traditionally do not have strongly established ties. A diversity plan and the choice of a diversity officer are important aspects that are considered in the selection of programs and workshops.