Flavour and Electroweak Symmetry Breaking

Scientific Program

Organizers: Giulia Ricciardi (Univ. Naples), Matthias Neubert (JGU Mainz), Tobias Hurth (JGU Mainz)

June 13 - 24, 2016, Capri, Italy

The application is open until March 1, 2016.

Flavour and Higgs physics are foremost in our assessment of results within the Standard Model and search for physics beyond. The goal of the Scientific Program is to interpret the results coming from a wide range of experiments and to formulate a coherent framework to account for them. At the same time, outdated models and schemes no more on line with experiments can be identified, together with theoretical approaches based on more solid basis. The status of high energy physics field in 2016 can emerge, and directions can be given for future progress. The purpose of this activity is to bring together key figures across disciplines, in order to facilitate the development of a highly integrated approach to the challenge of new physics.