Crossroads of Neutrino Physics

Organizers: Steen Hannestad (Univ. Aarhus), Patrick Huber (Virginia Tech), Alexei Smirnov (MPIK Heidelberg), Joachim Kopp (JGU Mainz)

July 20 - August 14, 2015, JGU Campus Mainz

With the advent of neutrino astronomy, with significant progress in cosmological and terrestrial precision measurements, and with more and more connections between neutrino physics and other fields being uncovered, neutrino physics has again become one of the main driving forces of progress in astroparticle physics. On the theory side, this experimental progress implies that many theoretical models are coming under pressure and new ones are emerging.

The goal of this program is to foster collaboration and exchange of information among theorists working in neutrino physics and related areas. Special emphasis will be put on connections between neutrino physics and dark matter, cosmology, nuclear physics, quark flavor physics and the LHC. Consequently, focus topics will include physics at neutrino telescopes, sterile neutrinos from meV to the GUT scale, neutrinos and the dark Universe, and neutrino physics at the LHC.