Statement on Ukraine


Photo: Salah-Ait-Mokhtar
Photo: Salah-Ait-Mokhtar


Our thoughts and hearts are with all those directly or indirectly affected by the tragic events in Ukraine. We at MITP condemn the aggression, which cannot be justified in any way, and we stand in solidarity with the people of Ukraine as well as with the Russian citizens protesting against the invasion. MITP’s mission has been and remains to provide opportunities for exchange between researchers from different fields of expertise in theoretical physics, irrespective of their nationality. We firmly believe that basic science can have a strong peacemaking effect especially in difficult political times. This war is against all our beliefs and we stand in support of those who are calling for an end to the invasion. We expect that all scientists participating in MITP events share the same convictions and values.

In response to the ongoing crisis, MITP offers long-term visitor positions to Ukrainian refugees holding a PhD in theoretical particle, hadron or nuclear physics. In addition, the Cluster of Excellence PRISMA+ offers fellowships to students in these fields.
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On behalf of the entire MITP team,
Matthias Neubert & Sonia Bacca